…many windows, all in a row.


fetta copia-polaTurin is a beautiful city, it relaxes me. Every corner has a lot of “story” to tell. Historic buildings, Roman ruins, theaters, arcades, architecture is intriguing as the “Fetta di polenta” (that means “Slice of polenta)!

I take the car early in the morning and drive to the parking of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. I start walking and always there is something to see and photograph. On sunny days, the play of light and shadow under the portico is fantastic. Then I turn to Via Po and remain among the centre of the city, or sometimes I prefer to walk along the river and reach the Parco del Valentino.

In the city center I can’t miss a real hot chocolate at Bar Mulafsano in Piazza Castello! …Even if it’s August! (10)-polaI’m joking… In this case, I buy an ice cream giant size. Walking near the ice-cream shops, I hear all those colored and creamy flavors that call me, and it is impossible to resist!

I like watching people, so different and so interesting. I walk through the bookstalls, in the middle of a thousand dusty old books or new still wrapped in cellophane: there are committed students , noisy kids, elders to take a breath of fresh air in the portico, people who run for work hoping to have time for a coffee break. It ‘s a city full of life, I want to never stop talking about it.

Taking a coffee in Piazza San Carlo is a regular habit. I always sit outside, although in winter the cold is biting and often it’s too hot in summer.

I think that this city exerts a strange and pleasant influence on me. It’s a city I like, I feel good, there is always something to do and see. I think, and I’m almost sure, that I passed this feelings to my friend Bill. Every time he come here we spend some wonderful days in Turin. I think that, on his return to Italy, we should come back again! I saw some beautiful posts on his blog, with nice photos. In my opinion you should cast a glance!

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